PLM 1217

The plm 1217 is a 475 hp crane capable of 600 tph ship and barge unloading. This crane is available on crawlers, rubber tires, gantry, pedestal and is available for shipboard use or as a dredging crane on barge or pontoon. The 1217 is used as a foundation crane and in magnet work.

Main Features are:

  • 23,000 lbs clamshell capacity at 56 ft radius
  • 475 hp
  • operating weight, 150.000 lbs on crawler chassis
  • crawler length: 22'-0"
  • width over shoes: 18'-6"
  • primarily used as clamshell or liftcrane onboard ships, in sand and gravel operations, barge unloading /loading and dockside applications, magnet, and foundation crane. As foundation crane, a second engine is provided to drive accessories.