PLM E - 515

The PLM E-515 is an equalized fixed arm lifting crane that looks like an excavator. The E-515 has an active counterweight connected to the boom by hydraulics. The hinged counterweight pressurizes the boom lift cylinders to save fuel. An excavator must lift the weight of the boom plus the clam and contents. An E-515 only lifts the clam contents. If you have a small operation or you need a machine that is easy to transport, the E-515 may be the answer. It is a much better choice than an excavator.

Main Features are:

  • 11,000 lbs clamshell capacity at 50 ft radius
  • 195 hp
  • operating weight, 85,000 lbs on crawler chassis
  • crawler length: 18'-6"
  • width over shoes: 15'-4"
  • primarily used for smaller scale barge unloading where stacking of material is not necessary, the barge is not too far below the dock and long outreach is not required.