Typical uses for PLM cranes are:

-clamshell barge and ship unloading.

-liftcrane mode for breakbulk loading and unloading.

-sand and gravel pit dredging and deep excavation.



-scrap handling with magnet or grapple.

-foundation and tunneling crane.

-floating crane for bulk and breakbulk.

PLM Cranes are available on crawler, rubber tires, pedestal, pontoon, gantry and fixed base platforms. Our cranes range in size from 13,500 lbs to 78,000 lbs clamshell, 300 to 1500 tph.

Introducing the Barko 595MH & the 695MH EPIC Rugged Self-Propelled Carrier Scrap Handlers.

Dependable. Exceptional. AWESOME. That's what customers say about the Barko Rugged Self-Propelled Carrier Scrap Handlers.

Equipped with EPIC, an advanced electronic control system, to make the 595MH and the 695MH POWERFUL. THRIFTY. SMART. Providing the best fuel efficiency, work productivity, and the lowest total cost of operation than any other product in its' class.

It is BEAUTIFUL, but don't let that fool you. The power and swing torque of the 595MH and 695MH EPIC Rugged Self-Propelled Carrier Scrap Handlers make it a BEAST capable of delivering more loads every day.

They both performs harder and deliver the results you expect, all while using less fuel and providing more comfort. There's nothing better than a Barko - Guaranteed!

If your business involves moving large amounts of scrap or other loose materials J.B. Crane can help you do it more productively.

Young Fronts and Grapples, mounted on hydraulic material handlers are found in virtually all types of bulk material handling operations including scrap yards, steel mills, along sides of barges, in landfills and log yards.

After thoroughly analyzing the base machine, let J.B. Crane design a package that achieves the most effective combination of reach, lift capacity and speed while fully complying with factory requirements. The result is fast, efficient, productive material handling.

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